According to the US space safety agency, it was just a meteor from another Solar System . On the other hand, an astrophysicist claims that the object that fell into the Pacific Ocean is alien technology.


Astrophysicist believes it's an alien technology 

The scientist who makes the claim is somewhat controversial, always involved in more “complex” theories. Harvard professor Avi Loeb has always championed the existence of extraterrestrials, as well as creating tools to specifically capture UFO images. 

According to the New York Post, the scientist is planning a mission to find what he believes to be alien technology at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

For Loeb, what has been publicized as a meteor from another solar system is actually a spacecraft of alien technology.

The US Space Command itself confirmed the origin of the object as coming from another solar system that hit Earth in 2014, but according to the agency it was a “simple” meteor.

In an essay written by the scientist for The Brief , Loeb made clear the intentions and goals of the rubo expedition to the Pacific Ocean.

"The fundamental question is whether any interstellar meteor could indicate a composition of unambiguously artificial origin, better yet, perhaps some technological components would survive the impact."

Who is the scientist behind the alleged discovery?

Harvard professor Avi Loeb has spent most of his career studying astronomy and, more recently, has started looking for evidence about the possibility that life exists beyond Earth.

Conducting research with a university student, Prof. Loeb was the astronomer who identified the object as interstellar a few years ago, after analyzing data collected by the US Space Command — responsible for all military operations in space.

After the agency confirmed Avi Loeb's assumption about the object that hit Earth, the scientist is requesting expeditions to the region in order to try to obtain materials about the meteor (according to the US government) or spacecraft (according to Loeb's theory). .

Among the research done by the Israeli scientist are: black holes, space radiation, the early universe and other related topics. What is striking is that the focus of the professor's current research is on the possibility that the Earth has been visited by other stellar peoples.