Scientists claim to be able to find alien life politicians do

 Global Science and Technology Comprehensive Report] Although we often see alien life on TV or in movies, we have never found traces of them in space. After all, we haven't even discovered a microbe, let alone a wrinkled Klingon. However, according to the British "Daily Mail" report on August 13, many researchers believe that alien life exists in large numbers.

  Scientists have backed up their optimistic view with some astronomical facts unknown to the previous generation, saying evidence of extraterrestrial life could emerge within this generation's time. In the past 20 years, thousands of planets from other stars have been discovered, with new planets appearing at a rate of at least one per day. But even more astonishing than this record is their sheer number—the vast majority of stars have planets, which means there are trillions of asteroids in the Milky Way alone. It is worth mentioning that the successful development of NASA's Kepler space telescope allows us to be sure that there is a large number of temperate regions in the universe.

An in-depth analysis of the Kepler data shows that as many as one in five stars have special planets the size of Earth and with the same average temperature. Such planets are clad with atmospheres and liquid water and are called "habitable" planets. In other words, the Milky Way has tens of billions of Earth's siblings. It is hard to accept that these planets are in a sterile environment, such an environment would make humans, all the flora and fauna on earth, a miracle.

Of course, just because there are many "habitable" planets in the universe doesn't mean finding alien life is easy. There are only three ways to look, all of which must rely on complicated and expensive experiments. First, we have to find life at close range. It's going to take a lot of work, especially for Mars. So far, most research on Mars has been indirect: deploying rovers to find the best locations to dig into the red planet, possibly uncovering fossils or extant microbial fossils beneath the sterile surface of Mars. It's not trying to find alien life, it's trying to find places where life can be found. This approach is slow, but every step is well thought out. There is no doubt that there is still a considerable possibility of life on Mars. Still, some experts prefer to bet on the moons of Saturn or Jupiter. In space, at least five moons appear to have slush environments—mostly liquid water, while Saturn's moon Titan has natural gas. The life that can survive on these moons is very tiny. There may be several ways to find tiny life, from simple flybys of natural gas geysers or sending sophisticated drilling equipment to penetrate the ten-mile-thick layer of ice that separates Jupiter's surface. Sadly, most of the reconnaissance hardware is still being designed. The main reason for the slow progress is the lack of funds.

A second option for finding evidence of life is to examine the atmospheres of planets around other stars. This uses a time-honored astronomical, spectroscopy technique that allows researchers to understand the composition of the atmosphere many light-years away. While it sounds easy to find oxygen and methane in the air of other planets experimentally, it's difficult because planets are dim and stars orbit brightly. There are many envisaged solutions to this problem, including placing multi-element orbiting telescopes, giant photoreceptor blockers, or light-shielding bodies in space. With enough money, engineers could build something like this in a dozen years.

A third method is to eavesdrop on radio signals or flash laser lights. A good antenna and receiver can speed up the research process. However, funding is the limiting factor.

In 2022, NASA's budget was $2.5 billion (£1.5 billion), but it was spent on planetary research, astrophysics research, continued work on the new James Webb Space Telescope and many other projects. This amount is far less than one thousandth of the total budget of the US Federal Office. This can't help but exasperate: "We can't be sure there is alien life, but the environment of the universe suggests that alien life does exist." Finding alien life must be exciting, but because of the uncertainty of the return, it is very difficult to Investments in this research are also very cautious. However, it's a matter of will: if you don't bet, you'll never win the jackpot. (Internship Compilation: Tang Shiyi Reviewer: Li Zongze)

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