Why can't humans find aliens? In fact, aliens have always been there, but we are looking in the wrong direction

 Why can't humans find aliens ?

There is a problem that has plagued scientists, and they both hope that this problem can be solved, and that this problem will never be solved. Why can't humans find aliens?

Humans have used various methods and methods, but they are still unable to find the slightest trace of alien existence in the vast universe . Not to mention aliens, there are no traces of living beings in space at all.

Scientists may be excited if they find aliens, but they are more afraid. Will alien civilizations also find us? They won't destroy the earth , will they ?


wrong direction

Human beings need to meet three necessary conditions to understand living things: water, sunlight, and temperature. Only when these three basic conditions are met, can living things be born. However, in fact, the evolutionary direction of organisms is definitely not limited to humans. As described in science fiction, humans are carbon-based creatures, so we need water, sunlight and temperature. If there is another creature in the universe, it is a silicon-based creature. , just like the "stone men" in human mythological novels, they do not need water, nor sunlight, nor are they demanding on temperature. Perhaps silicon-based creatures only need to eat sand to survive.


In fact, aliens have always been there

In addition to the thinking of carbon-based creatures and silicon-based creatures, have you ever thought that the size of the earth is too small compared to other planets in the universe? For example, another planet called X in the universe, its volume is similar to the difference between the sun and a ping-pong ball compared to the earth, so the creatures born on this planet X will be the same size as our human beings. ?

The creatures on this planet must be countless times larger than humans, so the body composition of these creatures must be completely different from that of humans, so it is impossible to think about the existence of aliens from a human perspective.

In fact, aliens have always been there. Just like the creatures on Planet X, they are much larger than humans. They observe humans as humans observe microorganisms.



Can microbes sense human presence? Therefore, it is impossible for humans to feel the existence of huge alien creatures .

What's more, the life of a microorganism is only a few minutes for humans, and the life of a human being is only a "flick of a finger" for alien creatures.

So everyone understand, in fact, alien creatures have always been there, but we will never be able to observe their existence. It's just like the fact that microbes always know the existence of human beings.

In fact, we don't have to deliberately pursue to understand the existence of alien creatures, can we just live well ourselves?

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