Why haven't aliens appeared yet?

 If aliens really exist, why haven't they invaded Earth? Our current technological level does not have the ability to travel between the universes, but this does not mean that aliens do not have the ability. The vast universe is too big for human beings to calculate. Human beings and the earth are just dust. There are too many unknowns that we cannot explore.


 In fact, it is not our insignificance that is scary, but it is only us humans in the vast universe, and we are alone. living in this universe. In fact, the emergence of human beings was originally due to the right time and place and people. Dinosaurs have survived on the earth for 100,008,000 years and have not been able to build their civilization, and our human ancestors, if they did not walk on land, they are now only on trees. It's just an ordinary creature, and the technology we have now is nothing but the instant rise of human beings over hundreds of years.

If you told people 50 years ago that we can now use a cube to watch movies, make phone calls, and make video calls, do you think they would believe it? Therefore, there are too many coincidences in the emergence of our human beings, and even the emergence of life on our earth is also a coincidence. Because the distance between the sun and the earth is just right, and the moon is just next to the earth, all these coincidences have given birth to tens of millions of life on earth.

And the aliens  

that we humans talk about probably did not build their alien civilization system, they are just creatures that only know how to survive. Why haven't human beings discovered the existence of aliens yet and why haven't aliens attacked the earth. Because the aliens we know are just a group of living creatures. Although they have existed for a longer time than humans, they do not have the advanced intelligence as humans.

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